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5 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

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There are plenty of situations in which you need to sell your house ASAP. It could be relocating for a new job, marriage, to take care of a loved one or simply you cannot afford the mortgage any longer.

1. Hire an experienced local realtor:You will have to act wisely. Select a local realtor experienced in listing homes for sale and marketing them successfully. Do a quick but thorough analysis with your realtor to find out prices for similar properties recently sold. Also check out the current houses for sale with similar features and condition available (you may have to visit a few).

2. Set a conservative list price: Everybody dreams to get the maximum out of a sale but if you are in a buyers’ market with many houses on offer you may need to compromise on the price considerably to get attention of buyers. If you are in a sellers’ market with fierce competition among buyers you should list your home just below market rate to get multiple offers.

3. Emphasize on the best features: Since you need to move quickly you may not have the time to improve the property condition. Ideally your house should be in good condition but if that is not the case emphasize on the best features. You should hire professionals for windows and floor cleaning. Remove all clutter and store extra furniture to let potential buyers to visualize themselves in the house.

4. Aggressive Marketing: Always make sure that professional photos are taken before your house is listed. Your house should be marketed on as many websites as possible. Since you need to sell quickly your real estate agent should be running a very aggressive marketing campaign targeting the potential buyers and other realtors as well.

5. Be flexible: Be prepared to show your house frequently and even at awkward times to sell fast. Ease of showing has a great impact on a quick sale. When potential buyers and realtors view the house don’t stay with them; let them see it comfortably.

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